Micro Rain

Welcome to the World of Micro Rain Traveling Sprinklers

What in the world do you have to water? With a Micro Rain traveling sprinkler you can get it done with a minimum amount of effort and at a low cost to you! With its simple, clean, well thought out design you can have your very own Micro Rain watering your lawn in minutes. Bullseye Irrigation can show you how easy and cost effective, and how much time you will save with an investment in your new Micro Rain traveling sprinkler!

Micro Rain - Ease of Use

With Micro Rain you can load it in the back of your truck or on a trailer and have one home and watering in a matter of hours. Just plug the supply hose into your water source, pull out the hose, turn your water source on, and adjust the speed. After it has completed its run, it turns off automatically and patiently waits for the next move.

Uses for Your Micro Rain

Your creativity or need for water applied when you want it and where you want it is maximized with the use of Micro Rain's traveling sprinkler. The following are some types of projects Micro Rain sprinklers are already being used for:

  • Sports Fields: Colleges and Universities, High Schools, Prep Schools, Grade Schools, Churches, Municipalities
  • Golf Courses 
  • Driving Ranges
  • Roughs
  • Riding Areas 
  • Dust Control
  • Acreages
  • Vegetable Farms
  • Hobby or Small Farms
  • Sod Production or Installation
  • Polo Fields 
  • Cemetaries 
  • Dog Parks 
  • Home Owners 
  • Effluent Disposal 
  • Indoor Expo Centers
  • Food Plots-Hunting
  • Factory Grounds 
  • Nurseries 
  • And so Much More!