Sample Product

Single Phase Option

Reinke’s 230-volt single-phase power option is ideal for systems running on small acreage farms where 480-volt three-phase power is not available. Single-phase systems are limited to 6 towers, or a maximum length of 1000 feet to the last tower.

Drop Span

The Drop Span eliminates the need to reverse a system at an obstacle causing you to rewater ground. It also allows you to actually pick up an additional span or spans of a different length if the field widens on the opposite side of the obstacle.

Airless Tires

Airless Tire doesn't deflate, go flat, or pop. Their superior traction far exceeds the rubber tire performance. They are chemical, fertilizer and UV resistant. Airless Tires are also lighter than regular rubber tires.

Pivot Walkers

Pivot Walkers are made of steel plates that rotate to "walk" the pivot system through your field. This makes them more cost effective as they are highly durable and it is cheaper to replace a plate compared to a whole new tire.

Quick Patch

These light activated fiberglass reinforced self-adhesive repair patch requires no mixing, measuring, and is mess free. They can patch up almost anything.